Mental Health & Wellbeing Support for Female business owners

We are tired of only see the business highlights reel on social media. Let’s put a spotlight on the real challenges, stress, tears, doubt and hard work that goes on behind the scenes and support each other through these challenges.

Our Mission

Building a business can feel isolating and overwhelming at times. Many people are only aware of the output they see from our businesses and rarely do they realise the full picture of what goes on behind the scenes. Yes, we love what we do and we love the perks that come with having our own business, but in reality, there is often a lot of hard work, stress, and uncertainty behind the scenes. Hearing stories from other female business owners can help us enjoy the highs but also realise that having difficult days is all part of the journey. Together let’s create our support network and a community where we belong.



We have currated some resources which are here to help you when you are mentally struggling. 

The Founder Wellbeing Project Mental Health Support Resources

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